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LeaderStart® – Leadership From the Start

For quick and smooth integration of new hires.

Getting new managers on board is a challenge for every company. Often it´s a »clash of cultures«, with different experiences and needs coming together and going apart. That´s where LeaderStart®-Coaching saves time and drives up performance instantly.

It is more important than ever to set the stage from the beginning. You will need to not only clarify the vision and direction you wan to go in, but find ways that bridge the cultural gap to inspire and involve the people that work for you. Making optimal use of the resources available to you: your team, customers, corporate communications, colleagues ... from the very beginning is an important ways to ensure success.

You will learn to not only talk about what you want have happen, but how to engage the commitment, enthusiasm and zeal of others. You will learn to unlock corporate spirit the lifeblood of the corporation to move in the direction that you envision.

You will achieve the 6 C's:
Clarify your vision
Create passion
Conscious involvement
Concrete results

Workshop format: 3-day workshop with role-playing.
No public workshops are scheduled at this time but we will bring the program in-house for a set fee.

If you are interested or need further informations – please  contact us.

  • Alings different working
  • Optimizes communication skills
  • Enables rapid integration
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