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The 1-Focus Process Overview

We have created a sustainability framework that integrates and honors large scale and individual change processes.


  • Enables healthy, living, synergistic systems
  • Integrates communication across all stakeholders
  • Employs creative process and knowledge sharing throughout
  • Collaborative and co-created process design and content
  • Starts from the center of the organization as the "spark" and driving force
  • Engages and addresses the whole system
  • Involves parallel process
  • Requires collaborative leadership and power
  • Supports growth, integration, and learning systems coaching
  • Views all systems as learning systems
  • Focus on the positive future and present
  • The answers lie within the system


  • Leadership
  • Timing
  • Follow-through
  • Coaching
  • Readiness
  • Discipline over time
  • Trust in the process
  • Belief in the intentions
  • "Generosity of Spirit"

Mind Body Soul

1-Focus is a wholistic transformation process that focuses on organizational strengths and competitive advantages. It renews vision, values and mission and aligns them with marketing objectives and current market situation - enabling continuous improvement and competitive advantage.

1-Focus utilizes the inner knowledge of the organization to establish best practice structures. As optimized products and services evolve out of this process, creativity, employee satisfaction and motivation will increase significantly.

Rapidly your organization will support the newly defined »shared vision«, goals and direction with a strong corps de spirit - creating higher customer satisfaction and increased profits.

Activities Who is involved Process Communication
Personal Vision CEO/Leader
Reflecting current reality and future challenges

Creative Visualization
CEO communicates vision to the Board
Involving next level of managers in the vision process CEO/Leader
Board of Directors
Management TeamCorporate Communications
Values Analysis

Corporate Mission Statement

Initial evaluation of current reality and trends

Develop shared vision for the Board

Creating a Shared Vision with the Management Team
Meeting with the Board of Directors

Meeting with Management Team

Internal Communications
In depth evaluation of current reality and trends Senior managers and their staff

Cross section of company
Evaluation of Internal and External Information

Individual research

Project groups

Analyzing current reality

Trend Analysis
Internal large Scale communications: email; posers, newsletter etc.

External communications

Evaluation of External information
Involving managers and employees in Creating a Shared Vision CEO

Management Team


Defining Projects and Responsibility: Large group meetings (Future Search, Open Space, open forums)

Meetings in divisions and departments

Follow-up in project groups and task forces
Large scale meetings

Internal communication

External Communication
Implementation and dual focus

Maintaining the old organization while shifting to the new organization




Planning: from goals to action

New Organization Development

Evaluation: processes/efficiency

Localizing, defining and owning goals

Communicating the goals

Dealing with Dualities

Success Stories

Evaluate performance: give feedback and readjust direction

Conflict solving

Team Development
Internal and external corporate communication


Focus: Maintaining direction and energy Whole company Define positive focus

Staying focused

Keeping focused

Knowledge Teams

Reducing stress and increasing health

Ironing out the organizational kinks

Dealing with Dualities

Open Forums
Internal communication


Dialogue Groups

Large Scale Meetings

Targeted Sessions


Staying creative



Board of managers

Project groups
Reflecting why you do what you do.

Evaluating ideas.

Change perspective.
Open dialogue manager - staffIntranet

Business TV


Company magazines

Dialogue with customers and suppliers
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